Transactive Energy

Transactive Energy
March 22, 2020 No Comments Uncategorized Kate Scarcella

The Internet and networked technologies have forced changes to the energy sector, which makes the delivery even more critical.  Increase digitization through devices such as smart meters, has created an opportunity to improve grid operations, pipeline management, exploration and production.  But conversely the benefits have brought equal vulnerabilities.

The delivery of electricity, gas, or other forms of power are linked through a physical process and any downtime can result in an outage which can affect millions of people.  Thus disruptions in Energy and Utility can be disastrous and personal safety can be at risk.  This is the reason that governments and private institutions globally are focused on the threat to industrial control systems, ICS.

Attacks on ICS can lead to a loss of control of critical equipment and can have long term consequences to all of us.  How do you pay for goods, and how are goods even delivered if you cannot have fuel for trucks?  You can see a domino effect that would collapse not only governments but society as a whole. 

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