What We Do

What We Do

Business needs to be able to see and identify their critical assets; and Exodusecure is the pillar, which can guide you on this journey. 

Security is a vital element of any technology related to sensitive assets, and new technological advancements force organizations to face new security concerns and risks. When devices like smart meters are made more secure, their business value increases because organizations can respond dynamically and with confidence to new market opportunities or changing conditions.

This allows for improved efficiency, reduced costs, and improved continuity of services. Robust security for the grid can have a tremendous positive impact, as a lack of security directly threatens the safety of the public and all of those who are affected by grid failures. As an example, there is a global effort to transform the electric grid to a digital infrastructure. A fundamental move like this is considered necessary in order to keep up with energy and utility operational demands while maintaining or improving the bottom line. A digital infrastructure can be more flexible and dynamic; however, such a network may expose the critical infrastructure to additional security concerns such as unapproved access and cyber attacks.

A lack of adequate security in the energy industry could pose threats of service disruption, which can impede safe and efficient functioning of the system. Added layers of security controls, policies, and procedures are necessary to help protect and manage the grid.

At ExoduSecure we believe the best approach to securing smart grids is to identify and quantify the risks across the entire value chain, develop the appropriate policies and controls to manage these risks, deploy the policies and controls, and then perform systematic, periodic reviews, including vulnerability testing.

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